Election Laws were Ignored to Help Install Biden

The Democrat party has a history of ignoring and subverting federal and state laws. Prime examples include sanctuary cities, the 2nd Amendment, and the Biden administration’s ignoring immigration laws, which has resulted in the worst border crisis in our nation’s history. This issue is also prevalent in the Judiciary branch, where activist judges use their rulings to create new laws or alter existing ones. One of the most recent and egregious examples of the left neglecting our rules is the 2020 election.

In Wisconsin, before the 2020 election, the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTLC), a left-wing partisan group led by three Democrats with a long history of activism, emailed Claire Woodall-Vogg, the executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, to offer “an experienced elections staffer that could potentially embed with your staff in Milwaukee in a matter of days.” The staffer chosen was an out-of-state Democrat activist named Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein.

Upon meeting with Woodall-Vogg, Spitzer-Rubenstein immediately asked for contacts at the Wisconsin Elections Commission and in other cities and would eventually take over much of Green Bay’s election planning from Green Bay clerk Kris Teske, who was charged with running the election. Spitzer-Rubenstein running the state’s election was a clear violation of Wisconsin law, which stipulates Wisconsin elections are to be conducted by clerks, not by mayors or outside groups. What could go wrong? Imagine the outrage if Trump handpicked a MAGA conservative to lead a state’s election. What happened in Green Bay also happened in numerous Democrat-run cities across the country.

Election laws were violated and/or ignored in Pennsylvania as well. Below is a video Showing a Pennsylvania official admitting election laws were broken.

The following are more examples of how the left ignored and subverted state elections laws to help install Biden.

  • In Wisconsin, a court order to remove 234,000 invalid voters registrations from voters roll was ignored.
  • In violation of the 14th Amendment, ballots in Pennsylvania were treated differently in different areas of the state, giving Biden more votes.
  • In the state of Nevada, democrats illegally bought votes.
  • Pennsylvania law states that mail-in ballots received prior to Election Day are to be kept in sealed containers or locked containers until Election Day. However, some election officials in Philadelphia, and other parts of the state, were beginning to inpsect mail-in ballots prior to election day. Well before Election Day, Democrats literally advertised on Facebook and Twitter that they had jobs for “curing” and fixing ballots well ahead of the election.
  • Pennsylvania law declared that voters “shall” —not “may,” but “shal” — date their declarations (mail-in ballots.). However, the liberal Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that ballot not dated with declarations must be accepted.
  • In violation of Pennsylvania state law, Democrats denied Republicans access to the counting of mail-in ballots at the Philidelphia convention center.

These are just a few prime examples how Democrats ignored and/or subverted election laws to help install Biden.

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