Dershowitz on Trump Indictment: A Form of Election Interference?

Alan Dershowitz, a renowned attorney, and Harvard professor, recently voiced his perspective on the potential indictment of former President Donald Trump, calling it a form of election interference​1​. The situation revolves around handling classified materials, and the topic has been a source of much debate in recent days.

Reports suggest that federal prosecutors have informed Trump’s legal team that the former president has been marked as a target in their investigation. According to Dershowitz, receiving such a letter typically indicates impending indictment unless new or overlooked information emerges to dissuade the prosecutors​1​.

However, Trump has denied receiving any such letter, stating that he’s done nothing wrong and criticizing what he perceives as a history of politically motivated investigations against him​1​.

One of the potential charges that may be leveled against Trump is obstruction of justice. However, Dershowitz argues that many people conflate obstruction of justice with unlawful obstruction. He contends that to cross the line into criminal behavior. There must be evidence of a corrupt motive, such as destruction of evidence or witness tampering, of which he claims there is no evidence in this case​1​.

Amidst this, President Joe Biden also faces an investigation concerning handling classified materials. Dershowitz emphasizes that cooperation with the government, or lack thereof, should not be a deciding factor in these investigations. He argues that the role of a defense attorney is not to make the government’s job easy but to make it difficult, in the interest of their client​1​.

Another significant argument made by Dershowitz is that an indictment over Trump’s handling of classified materials would not hold much weight. He points out that as president, Trump had the authority to declassify documents. The burden of proof, Dershowitz argues, should be on the government to demonstrate that the materials remained classified​1​.

In the end, circumstantial evidence could change the course of the case, but Dershowitz argues that the burden of proof remains a crucial determinant. He adds that no law requires Trump to publicly announce or record that he was declassifying a document, which further complicates situation​1​.

Finally, Dershowitz aligns with the former president’s view that an indictment would amount to election interference. He believes that voters should be allowed to make their own decisions without the influence of such legal proceedings​1​.

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