Bombshell Revelation: Nationwide Cellular Network Connects Election Equipment, Granting Federal Government Unprecedented Access

Introduction: In a stunning revelation that shakes the very foundation of our democracy, a nationwide cellular network has been discovered that connects election equipment and provides the federal government access to election systems at the precinct level. This bombshell discovery, brought to light by election integrity investigators, raises serious questions about the integrity of our electoral process and the potential for manipulation.

The Nationwide Network: A year-long research project led by election integrity investigator Sophie Anderson and communications engineer Dr. Charles Bernardin has uncovered a mechanism called FirstNet. This network connects election equipment at polling places nationwide, allowing for real-time monitoring and manipulation of election data.

FirstNet’s Origins: FirstNet was conceived as a public safety tool after 9/11. However, its scope was expanded to include all “critical infrastructure,” including election systems. This expansion allowed for real-time monitoring of all election data and the ability to change results.

Evidence of Connection: Hard evidence has been found in places like Dallas County, Texas, and St. Johns County, Florida, showing that election equipment is connected to the FirstNet cellular network. This connection allows real-time voter count and voting results to be returned to data centers.

Secrecy and Vulnerability: FirstNet’s operations are shrouded in secrecy, and even Congress cannot access cybersecurity audits of the system. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the network’s vulnerability to hacking and foreign interference.

Conclusion: The discovery of FirstNet is a chilling reminder of the fragility of our democratic process. The potential for manipulation and interference in our elections is a grave concern that must be addressed. We must demand transparency, accountability, and the restoration of trust in our electoral system.


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